The Goods, The Bags, The Bobbie

Fashion Revolution is a global coalition of folks in and around the fashion world that are calling for reform in the fashion supply chain. It’s birth traces back to the April 24, 2013 Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh where 1,133 garment workers were killed in a building collapse.
We believe too many products in the promotional products industry are disposable. As an industry, a good portion of what we do lines up with the concepts of fast fashion, which in some respects, created the environment that allowed the Bangladesh incident.

This year, the focus of the group is on transparency. The goal is to answer the question, “Who made my clothes?” At City Cut and Sew the question is, “Who made your goods?” We’ve been answering that question since our launch in January. The skilled people who cut, print, and sew your goods are shown on our home page every day.

City Cut and Sew is different.We are proud of the skill and craft our people use to build our products. We want our distributors and end users to know these people and be proud to carry the products that they have made.

Following from that, we thought we’d let you get to know a little more about one of our makers.


BobbiePicBobbie Joyce is just 83 years young and hip as ever. She has been with us for 32 years and is our most tenured sewing operator. Over the years working with Bobbie, we’ve learned that she’s a fantastic advocate for our line sewers.  She is always quick with a tip that might make the assembly of a particular product easier for the floor.

“You’re killin’ daylight”


Her knowledge of our process and machinery is a huge asset not only to City Cut and Sew, but also to our distributor and end-user partners.  As our head sewer, she is responsible for all City Cut and Sew patterning and prototyping. While the product line was in development, Bobbie spent a lot of time collaborating with designer Angie Davis.  Together they analyzed our capabilities to come up with a product line that perfectly suits our customization ability.

Join us in spreading the mission in the promotional products industry.  We invite you to tweet/fb/insta share using the hashtags: #whomademygoods #fashrev #promotionalproducts

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