More than brand impressions. Good impressions.

Take everything you know about promotional products and turn it inside out. People call it “swag”. Stuff We All Get. Sometimes we even find it useful. For a few days. But these products don’t always take into account one important issue: Your favorite clients may love you, but that doesn’t mean they want to be a walking billboard for your logo. And the less they use your ‘swag’, the less effective your branding becomes.

We make things people will want to carry for years, not days. Well-made objects that look great on the outside and have a custom-printed lining on the inside featuring your logo or brand name transformed into a tasteful pattern.
Every time your user opens a sleeve or a bag with your logo on the inside, they’ll be reminded that you’d rather whisper to them than shout to the masses. That’s a good impression.

Made in the USA. Everyday.

City Cut & Sew is a collaboration between a family-owned Numo Manufacturing in Kaufman, Texas and Minneapolis-based Product Designer & Creative Director, Angie Davis. The project combines the skilled capability of a company with over 30 years experience in cut-and-sew manufacturing with Davis’ minimal approach to product design, focused on quality materials and well-crafted construction.

The result is a new approach in the promotional product industry: to put the quality of the product first. By keeping the client branding discreet and integrated inside the product, City Cut & Sew aims to provide promotional products that are respectful, thoughtful and will be carried for years to come.

The facility in Kaufman houses over 100 employees with about twenty-five of those employees working specifically on City Cut & Sew. Its parent company Numo Manufacturing prides itself on a safe and supportive work environment with a strong emphasis on health and well-being including in-house fitness programs, an on-site nurse and health insurance for all employees.

Available Exclusively through Promotional Products Distributors

The distributors we work with are experts at using physical goods to promote your brand. We’ll be glad to set you up with one of our partners or talk to your current promotional products distributor.